Elevating the Future

Imagine being one of the 93 percent of LGBTQ+ youth in Kentucky who regularly hears homophobic slurs in their high school. Or one of the 77 percent who have been verbally harassed because of their identity.

While acceptance of LGBTQ+ people has grown in recent years, the daily reality for LGBTQ+ youth is still unfortunately grim. They are often bullied in school, kicked out of their homes by parents who reject them, and socially isolated by their peers.

The LGBT Center

But there’s good news for students who choose the University of Louisville for their college experience. Since its opening in 2007, the LGBT Center has provided a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community where LGBTQ+ students can celebrate their authentic selves and thrive in a university environment.

Whether it’s arranging housing that considers the unique needs of LGBTQ+ students or offering them the chance to grow as campus leaders, the Center has been blazing a trail of care and compassion for ten years and in the process has established a national benchmark for other universities to follow.

*Photo courtesy of Bill Wine.

…the center means something different to each person who walks through the door and everyone experiences the center differently. For some it’s as simple as a place to come and eat lunch with no judgment, a place to meet friends. For others, it is the only place they are validated for who they truly are.”

UofL student

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named “Best of the Best” in 2017 by Campus Pride.



trained by the LGBT Center 
last year.



in crisis supported every week by the LGBT Center.

Pride at the Museum

Our signature event is a night to celebrate the Center’s work and to ensure that it continues to provide the resources our youth need to succeed. 

Attending the event and making a gift to the Center means we can strengthen essential services such as:


Support for students in crisis including providing holiday meals and housing; access to LGBTQ+ friendly counselors and health care providers; and trained staff to listen and advocate.


A satellite office on the Health Sciences Center campus that is leading curriculum efforts for medical students, offering LGBTQ+ certificate programs, and researching best practices in healthcare for LGBTQ+ patients.


LGBTQ+ themed scholarships, study abroad opportunities, pride celebrations, and outreach to high school students looking for an inclusive university experience. Every week students have the opportunity to attend a program that affirms their identity.


Training for faculty, staff, community partners, and others who want to be stronger allies to LGBTQ+ youth.